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Services & What we Do

Skilled Arborist & Climber

Owner, Steve Niederbuhl, is our skilled climber and arborist. Steve's commitment to safety and perfection have created a service which sets Niederbuhl Bros apart from our competition. When you call for service, this is the man who will be there. Steve and his team work fast, efficiently and follow all OSHA and ISA safety recommendations. However, because we choose to stay small and personal, we may take some time to get there. 

Get to know Steve a little more by checking out his interview with Park Bench http://https://parkbench.com/blog/niederbuhl-bros-tree-service-property-management-company-tree-services-saranac-lake-stephen-niederbuhl

Barge Services

When the water is the only way to go, we rely on one of our affiliates, Dupree Builders to get us to you. Certified USCG Captain, Patrick Dupree, can haul our equipment, tools, and materials to your site where otherwise would be impossible. Familiar with all state, local law and DEC/APA regulations and a slogan "impossible is just the beginning....." Pat sees to it there is nothing we cannot deliver. 

Custom Hardscaping & Landscaping

With an inherited knack for design, Jacquelyn Niederbuhl can create and execute a beautiful, functional Adirondack Landscape from a new construction canvas or recreate the glamorous "great camp" style from whatever lay of the land exists.  From flagstone walkways, steps, stairs, boulders and our newest product to offer, Barn Plank Pavers, we can create a functional, Adirondack landscape that will be admired for generations to come. 

Niederbuhl Millworks

Custom counter tops, butcher block tops, bar tops and custom cutting boards...the possibilities are endless. 

Custom Furniture 

From the forged steel table base created by blacksmith, Patrick Dupree to the Niederbuhl Millworks signature table top, this hand made table is one of a kind and made to order! 

Wood Mizer Portable Sawmill Service

The ultimate form of recycling! NBTS can clear your lot and create usable building wood to save you some money! Being in the tree removal business, we often find some folks have a hard time parting with their pieces of the Adk's. In most cases we see, preventing liability or damage to surrounding dwellings is often the motive behind removals. Now we can offer an option to make it feasible to re-purpose a part of their property they once thought they would have to lose.  

No matter what you may need us for, it is our guarantee that you get US! We pride ourselves on perfection and we do not cut corners. 

When you choose Niederbuhl Bros, LLC 

It is agreed by and between Niederbuhl Bros, LLC (also known as Niederbuhl Bros Tree Service), and the authorizing party (customer and/or customer's agent) that the following provisions are made as part of this contract:

Insurance by Contractor:

Niederbuhl Bros, LLC is insured for liability resulting from injury to person(s) or property and all employees are covered by Workers’ Compensation as required by law. Certificates of coverage are available upon request. 

Scheduling/Cancellation Fee:

Niederbuhl Bros, LLC kindly requests that the authorizing party provide at least 24 hours advance notice of any full or partial work cancellation for jobs that have been scheduled in advance. If a crew has been dispatched to the job site for scheduled work, and customer cancels the job, the customer will be assessed a mobilization fee of $150 for incurred expenses. 

Completion of Contract:

Niederbuhl Bros, LLC agrees to do its best to meet any agreed upon performance dates, but shall not be liable in damages or otherwise for delays because of inclement weather, labor, or any other cause beyond its control. 


The authorizing party warrants that all trees listed are located on the customer’s property, or that the authorizing party has received full permission from the owner to allow Niederbuhl Bros, LLC perform the specified work. Should any tree be mistakenly identified as to ownership, the customer agrees to Niederbuhl Bros, LLC for any damages or costs incurred from the result thereof. 


Niederbuhl Bros, LLC warrants that all arboricultural operations will follow the latest version of the ANSI Z133.1 industry safety standards. The authorizing party agrees to not enter the work area during arboricultural operations unless authorized by the crew leader on-site. 

Stump Removal:

Stumps can be removed by utilizing a commercial stump grinder to remove stump to depth of 4-6” below ground unless otherwise stated in the proposal. Stump removal is only included if requested. Grindings from stump removal will be cleaned up and removed to ground level. If requested the hole can be completely cleaned out and back filled with topsoil for an additional fee. 

Tree Decline or Failure:

Niederbuhl Bros, LLC will make customer aware of any problems found with trees while on property. It is impossible to know or identify all problems and predict all failures. We will give our best opinion of structural stability and tree health based on visual inspection. Customer acknowledges Niederbuhl Bros, LLC is not be responsible for any decline in tree health or failure of tree or damage caused by failure of any or all of tree after our work is completed. 

Debris Removal:

All debris from tree trimming and tree removal operations shall be reasonably cleaned up each day before the work crew leaves the site, unless otherwise coordinated by the client and crew leader. All lawn area shall be raked, streets and sidewalks shall be swept or blown and all brush, branches, and logs shall be removed from the site unless otherwise noted as per request of customer.

Animals or Insects:

Many trees are a home to various animals or insects such as bees. In the event where previously unknown animals or insects cause a safety concern we will require the homeowner to pay for additional time required to deal with the problem. 

Concealed Contingencies:

Any additional work or equipment required to complete the work, caused by previously unknown foreign material in the trunk, the branches, underground, or any other condition not apparent in estimating the work specified, shall be paid for by the customer on a time and material basis. Niederbuhl Bros, LLC is not responsible for damages to underground sprinklers, drain lines, invisible fences or underground cables unless the system(s) are adequately and accurately mapped by the authorizing party and a copy is presented before or at the time the work is performed. 


Niederbuhl Bros, LLC will attempt to minimize any damage to driveways and sidewalks. If there is a problem that is unknown such as a void area under concrete, or thin spots which cause a failure under the load of our equipment we are not responsible for this damage. If any damage is caused from falling debris as a result of our work, we will take responsibility and correct the damage to the customers satisfaction. 

Lawn & Surface Repair:

Niederbuhl Bros, LLC will attempt to minimize all disturbances to the customer’s lawn and surfaces. It is normal to have some dents in the yard during tree work as a result of falling wood. This is especially true during removals or wet conditions. It is also normal to have temporary damage to turf grasses from cleanup activities. If the customer finds this unacceptable we can take measures to insure this damage will not occur. This will add labor costs to the job and must be specified in the estimate or it will be billed in addition. If there is any root damage to turf or perennial beds or any ruts are made in the lawn from our equipment, we will repair damage to the customers satisfaction. 

Terms of Payment:

Unless otherwise noted in this proposal, the customer agrees to pay the account in full within 10 days upon completion of the work. Failure to remit full payment within 10 days will result in a finance charge of 2% per month up to 18.99% per year. We understand that not all tree work is voluntary and will work with our customers to develop a plan to suit their needs. Any estimates over $3,000.00 will require a 50% down payment of estimated price and the balance will be due upon completion and within 10 days.

Types of Payment:

Checks, Money Orders, Cashier’s Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express are all accepted.