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Welcome To Niederbuhl Bros, LLC 

Niederbuhl Bros, LLC is focused on helping you create a property you can use and be proud of. We specialize in danger tree removal but offer so much more.

  • Emergency Tree Services
  • Pruning
  • Lot Clearing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Brush Chipping
  • Landscaping and Hardscaping
  • Plant Health Management
  • Tree Heath Management
  • Sonic Wave Tomography w/ Reports
  • Sod and Seed Installation
  • Pre Construction Consulting w/Property Plans
  • Portable Wood Mill Service
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Cabling and Bracing

We offer free estimates, so please call us today!


Stephen Niederbuhl - Owner ~ Skilled Arborist ~ Climber 

Why us?

Niederbuhl Bros, LLC is a fully insured property care company. We specialize in danger tree removal and pride ourselves in our fast, affordable and most importantly...SAFE services. We are available 24 hours 'cause hey...trees don't always pick the best times to fall.

See how we work

Thank you for your interest in our danger tree removal and other services! To ask your questions or request free estimates, please refer to our contact details

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